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Hong Kong based EOS Block Producer

Network Security

Starting from participating in the first EOS testnet, HKEOS has been dedicated to maintaining the EOS-Mainnet repository. To ensure the security of the EOS mainnet, we have built EOS Test Cave, the first automated testing suite for EOS.IO contracts. It has now been integrated into's automated test suites.


Technical Support

HKEOS has been providing technical support for dApp projects such as Uncloak. We started one of the first DApp incubators for EOS, incubating and advising early-stage companies including Uncloak, L2, and Lumeos. Also, we have been consulting later stage companies such as AuDigent (Data Management Platform).


dApp Development

The journey toward decentralized applications doesn’t stop at incubation. HKEOS is supporting RocketBC to build usable and meaningful dApps on the EOS mainnet. With the past experiences with various dApp projects, we will grow into the launchpad of decentralized applications.

image is the fastest, the most used EOS block explorer. HKEOS and EOS Cafe Block have built it and upgraded various EOS-related features since the mainnet launch. To give seamless UX to EOS holders, HKEOS has contributed to design and develop the frontend of



RocketBC is a fast-moving product studio focused on EOS. Having the same founders, HKEOS and RocketBC will make synergy in exploring new concepts of decentralized applications.



Ghostbusters is an independent tech collective that believes in a decentralized future. Ghostbusters started their collaboration on EOSIO first community testnet. Along with other members, HKEOS has been actively participating in important projects.


HKEOS Github

HKEOS has contributed to the EOSIO bug fix, EOS Test Cave, the smart contract for EOS Worker Proposal System, and the management of the EOS mainnet github repository. Visit our github and find out more.


DIA (DApp Incubation Alliance)

Along with EOS Cannon and EOSYS, DIA is an international incubation association, supporting innovation on blockchains and decentralized networks. Find out more at the official DIA website.



DAPPSTER Club is an EOS dApp early adopters’ community. Together, we aim to foster dApp(decentralized applications) ecosystem and participate in creation of dApps in/outside of the EOS community.

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